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First, People - Conversation, Inclusion, Community

Throughout the month of March, Turnstone will celebrate Disability Awareness Month with other Hoosiers throughout the state. Disability Awareness Month was established by the Governor's Council for People with Disabilities to increase awareness and promote independence, integration, and inclusion of all people with disabilities.

Turnstone's campaign, “First, People,” emphasizes the need for community, specifically the integration of diversity in communities. Throughout the month, profiles of Turnstone-affiliated community members, Deborah, Clif, Eliana, Maggie, Cole, K.C., and Tyler will be shared below. Each of these profiles will highlight the importance of an inclusive community from each of their perspectives. 

These conversations will lead up to the release of a video at the end of the month. The video will be a resource for the community that shares how simple modifications to our words and actions can show respect for people with disabilities.

Follow along throughout the month on Turnstone's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Check back here to read conversations all month long and stay tuned for the release of the video on March 23!

First, People Featured Conversations

Deborah - “First, I'm a Teacher's Assistant”

Clif - “First, I'm a Rehabilitating Quadrapeligic”

Eliana - “First, I'm a Paralympic Athlete”

Maggie - “First, I Want to Represent Team USA”

Cole - “First, I'm a Wheelchair Basketball Athlete”

KC - “First, I Like to Volunteer”

Tyler - “First, I'm a Husband and Father”