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Honor a Loved One

When you designate your gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion, the individual or family named will receive a letter recognizing the gift.  The amount of your gift is not revealed.

Legacy Society

Join a distinguished group of generous individuals who provide for Turnstone’s future in their wills, trusts, and other estate plans. These valuable planned gifts ensure that Turnstone’s important work will be available to all people with disabilities.  Consider naming Turnstone in your will or estate plan as the beneficiary of stock, cash, or your life insurance policy. To find out more information about joining the Legacy Society, contact Tana Lefever at (260) 483-2100 or

2018 Honorariums & Memoriams:

In Honor Of:

Mia Welker

Team Turnstone

Alex Leckron

Rosemary Reszel

Bernard Stone

Sarah Groves

Don Dimberio

Patti & Rick Russwurm

Kenna Davis

Dylan Sullivan

Emily Moehnke

Nancy Louraine

Tiffany Shoda

Cynthia Nettleton

Jeff Tyler

Luke Purnell

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Sturges

Kristin Everett

Ellizabeth Miller

Donald & Barbara Shown

Wilma Parker

Turnstone 75th Anniversary

Shelby Gruss

The Plassman Family

Kelly Clevenger

Lauren Shire

Turnstone Staff

Barry Sturges and Brad Sturges

Matthew Blume

Jamie & Gary Thompson

Norman Newman

Owen Donahue

Arthur & Marcia Litton

John Lietzke

Elaine Welty

Mike & Becky Mushett

Peg Sullivan

Kevin Hughes

Tanner Pfeiffer

Jane Hammond

Jane Pautsch

Ann Mallers

Art Litton

Casey Sowers

Percy Talati

Dave & Annie Bobilya

Roberta Cohen

In Memory Of:

Peg Bugher

John Stump

Thomas Haley

Julie Sweet

Jeanne Schouweiler

Arthur J. Schertz

Wally Christ

Norman Rockwell

Ken McIlvride

Wendy Evans

Becky Talati

Elizabeth McMillan

Marvin & Jeanette Sowers

Betty and George Weikert

Llowel Davis

Nancy Carney

Herman Spieth

Ryan Millhouse

Pat & Ross Ehle

Jim Phillips

Ryan Weeks

Dolores Schaefer

Kathryn Parrott

Jeff Rhoades

Dale Crabill

Roy Buskirk

Judy Rothgeb

Melvin & Frances Reisenbichler

Richard Hake

Judie Johnson

Danny McKay

Edward Fuhrman

Patrick Zent

Dave Syndrome

Lura Pfeiffer

Jane Deister

John Beckman

Patricia J. Ehle

Karen Rorick

Leonard “Butch” Adams

Jim Scheil

John Bonsib

Dr. James J. Harris

Patricia Mallers

James “Jim” Slate

Laurie Wiliams

Mary Barnes

Sandra Ferry

Thomas Bastress

Helen B. Chaffee

Elizabeth Burik

Julian Franke

Carol J. Knueve

Rosalie Hamilton

Don S. Breyley

Calvin Schultz

James Montgomery

David Bobilya

Sarah Schumacher

LaMoine Romy-Yingling

Chloe Louise Cook

Jerome Muldoon

Ruth Lane

Kathryn Current

Dorothy Wetzel

Lawrence Lauer

David “Al” Josse

Richard Hess

Peggy Hughes

Eleanor Ehinger

Robert Keith Thomas

Cleta Bowlin

Donald Bobilya

Roxie Bole

Richard Bardey

Warren McCormick

Carol Shedd

Beverly Scheiderer

Bradley Kiess

Patty & Tony Martone

JoAnn Herbst & Tanya Sparks

Corbin Leigh Sky Walker

Janice Schenkel

Louis Chergotis

Steve Perry

Linda “Meg” Bierbaum

Carlee Klotz

Dennis Hatfield

Linda, Timothy & Benjamin Wysong

Vicky Ostermeyer

Sandy & Derek Franz

Elizabeth Shuster

Bill Mallers

Mary Reilly