Masking is currently optional for all clients and visitors.

What is Quad Rugby?

A unique sport created by athletes with a disability, it combines elements of rugby,
basketball and handball. Players compete in teams of four to carry the ball across the
opposing team's goal line. Contact between wheelchairs is permitted, and is in fact an
integral part of the sport as players use their chairs to block and hold opponents.

Who is a Quad Rugby Athlete?

Competition is open to male and female athletes beginning at age 12, with permanent physical disabilities which
affect both their arms and legs. Most players have spinal cord injuries with full or partial
paralysis of the legs and partial paralysis of the arms. Other disability groups who play include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, amputations, polio, and other neurological conditions. 

How do I participate in this program?

This program is open to all eligible individuals. To learn more please contact our Competitive Sports Coordinator, Molly Cinker  at

2018-2019 Schedule & Results:

November 17th & 18th - Turnstone Invitational Wheelchair Rugby

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December 1st & 2nd - Columbus, Ohio 


Loss: 11-43 vs Spartans (St. Louis, MO)

Loss: 32-51 vs Thunder (Grand Rapids, MI)

Loss: 16-43 vs WRC (Detroit, MI)

Loss: 27-44 vs Steelwheelers (Pittsburgh, PA)

Loss: 41-46 vs Bears (Chicago, IL)