What is wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball uses many of the same rules as abled-bodied basketball, but special rules accommodate dribbling from a wheelchair.

Who is a wheelchair basketball athlete?

Wheelchair basketball is open to male and female athletes with physical disabilities such as amputation/limb loss, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, and other orthopedic and locomotor disabilities.  Athletes in this sport are grouped by age.

Turnstone’s wheelchair basketball program

Turnstone wheelchair basketball has three competitive teams:

•  Prep Division (Turnstone Flyers): male and female athletes ages 8 to 12 years old
•  Varsity Division (Turnstone Flyers): male and female athletes ages 13 through high school
•  Adult Division (Turnstone Bandits): male and female athletes ages 18 and older. The Turnstone Bandits are an NCAA Division III team.

Wheelchair basketball teams practice one to two times per week at Turnstone during the season, which runs from September through April.  Teams compete on weekends at tournaments hosted at Turnstone or throughout the Midwest.  The season culminates in a national tournament.

Our athletes engage in many skills throughout the program including:

•  Players become knowledgeable in the basic rules of the game.
•  Players  develop fundamental wheelchair basketball skills.
•  Players learn offensive and defensive strategies for wheelchair basketball.
•  Players learn the values of teamwork, leadership skills, gain confidence, and improve their self esteem.
•  Players network with other team members,
•  Players have opportunities to attend wheelchair basketball training camps.
•  Players have access to athlete education and advocacy resources.  Paralympic athlete training guidelines are available for those who excel at an elite level and are identified as a potential emerging athlete.

Want to learn more?

For more information about this program contact Molly Cinker, Competitive Sports Coordinator, at molly@turnstone.org or (260) 969-7642.

For more information on wheelchair basketball, go to www.nwba.org.