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What is power soccer?

Played in power wheelchairs, power soccer is one of the most popular adaptive sports in the world. Even those with very limited physical abilities can participate and find great success.  The game is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court. Two teams of four players attack, defend, and spin-kick a 13-inch soccer ball in a challenging game similar to able-bodied soccer.  Turnstone has offered power soccer since 2006.

Who is a power soccer athlete?

Athletes as young as 5 years old can participate in power soccer. Athletes' disabilities include quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and others.

Turnstone’s power soccer programs

Competitive power soccer:  Turnstone currently has two competitive power soccer teams that practice once per week at Turnstone and travel for competitions.  The teams compete on weekends at home or travel to games throughout the Midwest. The power soccer season runs from September through June and culminates in a national tournament. 

Rereational power soccer:  Turnstone's recreational power soccer teams play at Turnstone and do not travel out of town for competitions. 

2018-2019 Schedule & Results:

November 10th & 11th - Summit Classic Power Soccer Tournament 

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Want to learn more?

For more information about Turnstone’s program contact Molly Cinker, Competitive Sports Coordinator, at or (260) 969-7648.

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