Masking is currently optional for all clients and visitors.

What is adaptive golf?

Adaptive golf allows players the opportunity to enjoy golf independently or with friends and family by providing access to equipment and supplies.  Players gain confidence, meet friends, and improve skills.

Who is an adaptive golfer?

Anyone with a physical disability who is able to move one or both arms and has at least minor trunk function can be an adaptive golfer. In adaptive golf, the golfer may adjust the ball's position to allow the club to be swung and the ball to be hit, as long as the movement is reasonable and minor. 

Turnstone's adaptive golf program

The season begins with a golf clinic at McMillen Golf Course, located at 3900 Hessen Cassel Road. The clinic is followed by scheduled outings with Turnstone staff or volunteer(s) at the driving range and/or McMillen's 9-hole, par 3 golf course. Outings are held June through September. For interested participants who have the ability to pay, arrangements can be made for individual or small group lessons from a certified golf instructor.

What adaptive equipment is available?

Turnstone and McMillen Golf Course jointly own an adaptive single-rider golf cart, which is kept at McMillen Golf Course. The cart can be driven on any area of the course (including greens) and has a swiveling seat that allows the golfer to strike the ball from a seated position.  Turnstone owns adaptive golf clubs with adjustable shafts that allow the club to be angled for use from a seated position.  The accessible golf cart is available for use outside of Turnstone’s golf program by advance request.  Standard course and cart rates apply. 

Want to learn more?
If you are interested in more information about adaptive golf, please contact Kevin Hughes, Recreation Coordinator, at or (260) 483.2100 ext. 296 or use the online contact form