Masking is currently optional for all clients and visitors.

What is goalball?

Two teams of three blindfolded athletes attempt to throw a ball with bells inside into their opponent's goal net.  This fast-paced game requires strength to throw the 2.75-pound ball and speed to defend the goal.  Athletes play both offense and defense.  

Who is a goalball athlete?

Goalball is open to athletes with visual impairments.  

Turnstone's goalball program

Turnstone is home to the US Men's And Women's National Goalball Team.  The teams represent the United States in international competitions, including the Paralympic Games, which are held every four years following the Olympic Games.  

The US Men's and Women's National Goalball teams train in the Goalball Center of Excellence which was created in partnership with the United States Association of Blind Athletes and is on the campus of Turnstone Center. Athletes also have the ability to stay in the Goalball Residences on the campus of Turnstone while training with the team. 

Want to learn more?

For more information on goalball, contact Kevin Hughes, Recreation Coordinator, at or (260) 483-2100 ext. 296 or complete the online contact form.