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The Importance of Youth Sports

November 10th, 2021

Sports can have a significant impact on young people. With National Youth Sports Day being on November 13, we recognize the variety of benefits that come along with kids being involved in sports. Playing sports can promote a healthy lifestyle and teach kids transferrable skills that they use far into adult life.  

Being on a team teaches kids valuable social skills. They learn how to share, value diverse skillsets, trust others, and support and encourage one another.  Because sports can play such an important role in young people’s lives, it is important to ensure that all sports teams and environments are diverse, equitable, inclusive, supportive, and safe. These environments are very influential in the young athletes’ development so creating equal, safe environments should take priority over winning. 

Along with the social benefits, being involved in athletics can also teach accountability and discipline. These skills can be applied in all aspects of life—from health and exercise to relationships with others and school habits. By learning these skills early, athletes learn their value as an individual and take responsibility for their own success.

Being a part of a sport feels good and can help boost self-esteem when the environment is healthy, supportive, and encouraging. If your child is interested in sports, encourage them to try out! Turnstone offers many recreational sports opportunities as well as several competitive adaptive sports programs including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, sled hockey, track & field, and power soccer. These programs are aimed to be a parallel athletic experience for sports where it's not possible to be as inclusive. To learn more about youth sports programs offered at Turnstone, visit https://turnstone.org/sports or contact us at (260) 483-2100.

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