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September Coaches’ Corner

September 20th, 2021

You Can't Control the Whistle
by Sports & Recreation Coordinator, Kevin Hughes

How often have you seen this happen?

When an athelte thinks they get fouled (or actually did get fouled) and the referee doesn't call it, instead of getting back on defense to help their teammates, the athelte stops and yells at the ref.

As a coach, we know this is an obvious no-no. But, have you had this conversation with your team?

Athletes need to be prepared that the game won't be called perfectly.

The coach isn't perfect, the athletes aren't perfect, and the referees aren't either.

Referees are going to make mistakes and miss calls—this is a given at every level.

Athletes have to understand this and focus on what they can control.

You CAN'T control the whistle.

You CAN control whether you hussle back on defense.

This is an important conversation to have with your team at the beginning of the season, and throughout the season when you see your athletes get caught up in this situation.

This will spread throughout your team if you ignore it.
Make it a priority from Day 1.

So then when you hear, “But Coach! I got fouled and they missed it!”
You can simply respond, “Yep.”

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