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Randy - It’s My Turn to be a Champion

March 31st, 2020

When Randy Outman first came to Turnstone, he never envisioned he would win a National Championship.

He first learned about the programs and services available at Turnstone when his wife met Turnstone’s CEO. Now, 13 years later, Randy has been involved in more Turnstone programs than you could count on one hand.

What started as simply using the accessible fitness center expanded into trying new recreational sports and competing with the sled hockey team. Randy has also sent his grandson to Turnstone’s inclusive childcare program, the Kimbrough Early Learning Center, and currently serves as a director on Turnstone’s board.

Randy said that his mentality at Turnstone has been, “If I can try it, I will.”

He says, “I’ve been in a chair for 45 years, and the first 30 years I didn’t have the opportunities to try everything offered [at Turnstone].”

Originally from Michigan, Randy was raised to appreciate the sport of hockey and was intrigued when he one day saw a call-out for Turnstone’s sled hockey team on the fitness center doors. He quickly fell in love with the action and camaraderie of the sport and continued to compete with the Flyers for 10 years, which included winning a championship title in the 2016-17 season.

As a member of the Turnstone Board of Directors, Randy is now championing Turnstone’s mission to make sure similar experiences are made available to other individuals with disabilities.

When Randy isn’t working in his career as a Technical Administrator, traveling with his wife, or pursuing his own athletic possibilities, he is finding opportunities to give back because he knows the life-changing importance of creating possibilities. And his passion is why it’s Randy’s Turn to be a champion. 

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