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Pat’s Story

April 19th, 2021

Access to Turnstone helped Pat rediscover a meaningful purpose in life.

After battling brain cancer in 2019, Pat was left with a traumatic brain injury that altered his entire life. He was working as an arborist and finishing a degree in history when he lost both his job and driver’s license as a result of his illness.

Pat was stripped of life as he knew it and was forced to adapt to a new lifestyle. As he recovered, the staff at a local hospital told him about Turnstone.

Pat found his way around transportation limitations and began riding a scooter or taking a bus to Turnstone. At Turnstone, Pat found a place where he wasn’t presented with the limitations he was experiencing in his daily life. He was able to use the Fitness Center to rebuild strength and stamina after spending a long time recovering in a hospital bed.

Turnstone became more than a place to lift weights, swim in the pool, or walk the track. It became a place where Pat found purpose and community. Pat had somewhere to go, something to do, and a place where people knew him by name. He began coming to Turnstone daily and forming friendships with the staff and clients.

“I felt like my life was taken from me when I lost my job and license but then I turned Turnstone into my social agenda,” said Pat.

Then, COVID-19 disrupted his routine that was providing support for both his mental and social health. Thankfully, supporters like you made it possible for Turnstone to re-open with safety measures in place. Pat was able to return to Turnstone and his healthy lifestyle routine.

Pat is now working towards his goal of getting his driver’s license once again. His strength training is essential in helping him improve his reaction times and pass the physical exam. And his access to Turnstone’s community is essential to his renewed motivation and perspective.

With your support, Pat has not only gained community and identity, but the ability to pursue his goals and rediscover his life.   

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