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June Coaches’ Corner

June 8th, 2021

Earbuds, To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question.



As many of you know, I'm running wheelchair basketball drills this summer. A scenario came up that I thought would be perfect to share.

Yes, this topic is leaning towards basketball but it can be applied to all sports.

Recently I rolled into the Plassman Athletic Center and saw one of our athletes shooting hoops with earbuds in.

After some small talk I asked the athlete if they were just killing some time or wanting to improve their shot.


Here's when you should wear earbuds:

If you're looking for relaxation, fun, and not trying to improve your shot, absolutely listen to all the crazy stuff that you enjoy. If you have the ability to go outside, even better!


Let's say you're warming up for a game and the music helps you get into the right mindset, sure, play on! I'm not that much of an old time geezer. The trend to have earbuds in may have began with athletes watching professionals warm up with them in before a game. But, again, they're just preparing, not trying to improve their shot.


Obviously when you're working out (lifting weights, cardio, or other exercises) turn up the beat. (Yes, this pun is brought to you by Tina Arena.)


Here's when you should NOT wear earbuds:

If you want to get better on your shot (or other tasks where concentration is important), it's essential that you're 100% focused and engaged. When you have the music going, you're NOT fully focused. Try reading a book while listening to music, and see how good your retention and understanding is.


My Point is:

Next time you're shooting and your goal is improvement, drop the earbuds and get your mind focused.

—Kevin, Sports and Recreation Coordinator

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