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It’s Sean’s Turn

April 27th, 2022

Sean Walker smiling at Turnstone front desk

Sean Walker is one of Turnstone’s newest employees, having worked here for just over three months as an administrative assistant. In the past couple of years, he moved to Fort Wayne full-time from Winchester, Virginia to be a part of the residential program for the US Men’s Goalball Team. Moving full-time to a city where he knew no one aside from a few Goalball teammates was nerve-wracking at first, but he knew the benefits would be worth it.

With how complicated his Goalball training schedule can be, Sean also knew that finding a part-time job for an employer who would be flexible could be challenging. When talking with Colin Lyman, Turnstone Facilities Director, one day after practice, Sean learned that Turnstone was in need of more administrative assistants. He asked Colin to give him a shot - he was more than willing to help out. 

“Just within a few months, I’ve loved fostering bonds with different clients. I can’t wait to be established in these relationships so that in the future, I can continue having deeper conversations with them: laughing with them, sharing memories, and hearing how their families are. Step one here has been incredible.”

This new role for Sean at Turnstone provided him the platform to launch his dreams and aspirations - it allowed him to have the best of both worlds. He can focus 100% on Goalball, but also has given him the opportunity to provide for himself outside of the sport and create different relationships beyond his teammates. He’s been able to get to know people in a community he had no previous ties to - which has also allowed him to have another sense of purpose in making Fort Wayne his home.

“It’s opened the door to other connections and different relationships outside of the sport world for me. It has fostered friendships and connectedness that I wouldn’t have if I had only thought of someone as my strength and conditioning coach or someone who helped us get Powerade. I’ve even become friends with the groups that rent Turnstone’s facilities, such as Club1 Basketball and FairPlay. I’ve also gotten to know the Turnstone Sports & Rec athletes which has been pretty cool.”

Becoming more connected within the Turnstone Community has helped Sean feel a stronger sense of belonging and build new, unexpected relationships that allow him to pursue his aspirations as a person and an athlete. It’s Sean’s Turn to keep welcoming people into a place that creates possibilities for all different abilities.

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