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It’s Arie’s Turn

April 6th, 2022

Fitness Specialist, Arie Petty, had her first taste of the Turnstone Community in 2017 when she was a freshman at the University of Saint Francis studying Kinesiology. She shadowed the Turnstone Fitness & Aquatics Center, was able to sit in on evaluations, workouts, and stayed after the workday was over to help at wheelchair basketball practice. Arie showing Rock Steady Boxing participant how to use the speed punching bag.

She knew from that experience that Turnstone would be a great place to start her career; it was the perfect combination of her interests - working with people with disabilities while also helping others to reach their goals.

“As an outsider looking in, I knew I would fit in well here. I could tell it was a place with a strong focus on community and that the community created at Turnstone is what helps people accomplish some of their biggest life goals,” said Arie.

A typical day in the life of Arie includes evaluating new clients, and teaching group exercise classes, like Rock Steady Boxing for clients with Parkinson’s disease and Aquasize for SilverSneakers clients. She also spends time watching clients who are exercising on their own - assisting where needed while building relationships and continuing to foster the community environment she fell in love with.

“Over the past year, I have really valued building personal connections with our clients. So many close relationships have been formed especially with those who are regulars. I love being able to see those friendly faces 2 or 3 times a week!”

Arie noted that the camaraderie at Turnstone is something that is really special - not only in staff to client relationships, but also in the staff to staff ones. She is grateful for teammates who always have her back and are there to bounce new ideas off or give advice. One year into the job and Arie knows she is at the right place because she continues to learn something new each day.

“Not only do I continue to learn from my teammates, but I love that my clients teach me something new every single day. I am growing as a person and finding myself through teaching classes and becoming more comfortable in front of crowds. I would have never imagined myself as a group exercise teacher and now it’s one of the best parts of my day!”

One of her most rewarding experiences as part of the Turnstone family has been starting the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) class. Watching clients with Parkinson’s disease find strength in one another has confirmed for Arie that the need for community is shared amongst all humanity.

“At the start of each RSB class, I ask a “get to know you” question. Everyone’s answers brighten not only my day, but each other’s day, too. Sometimes the questions get deep, and sometimes they stay surface level, but the whole class is either laughing together or comforting one another. It is the one time of day they are not worrying about the progression of their disease and instead, focusing on building closer relationships with people they have met because of their shared experience. I have been so blessed to watch this community form right before my eyes - they know the right ways to support each other through all types of days.”

Our biggest influence on the world is what we do in our own personal community - and

It’s Arie’s Turn to continue intentionally building a safe, educational, and supportive community for her clients in Turnstone’s Fitness and Aquatics Center.

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