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Gym Rats Basketball: It Couldn’t Be Done Without… Facility Partners

December 14th, 2021

Gym Rats Basketball has been a facility partner with Turnstone for over five years. Founded in 1992 to provide youth basketball programs to help athletes learn and refine the skills of basketball. Gym Rats’ home training and competition facility can be found at the SportOne Parkview Fieldhouse, but when they need additional space, they choose Turnstone as their home away from home. In fact, they host tournaments at Turnstone close to a dozen times a year.

“Turnstone’s Plassman Athletic Center is beautiful and we love having the opportunity to host events here,” said Chris Ponce with Gym Rats. “Turnstone has a great facility and great people that work here. That’s what brings teams to Fort Wayne.”

Like Turnstone, Gym Rats provides an environment for youth sports that develops young athletes into their highest potential by promoting the life lessons and mutual respect that come along with learning and competing in a sport. Just by hosting events at Turnstone, Gym Rats support our clients and athletes who are also a larger part of Fort Wayne’s youth athletic community—a community that is very important to both organizations.

With more than 190,000 square feet of fully-accessible space, Turnstone has the amenities to host a variety of events including sports tournaments, corporate meetings, or other special events. And making the facility available to the community has been part of the organization’s plan since the expansion opened in 2015. Revenue from community rentals supports Turnstone’s operating budget and visitors have the opportunity to see inclusion and empowerment in action.

“It opens the eyes to people who come in here and they are exposed to a facility that houses USA teams and that it’s built for people with disabilities.”

Gym Rats Basketball is one of many facility partners that utilize our space. With their reach spreading across the Midwest, they draw over 48,000 people to Turnstone annually, many of who would not otherwise be aware of Turnstone or the services it provides.

We couldn’t do it without partners like Gym Rats who foster a community that elevates the inclusive values of sportsmanship and amplifies the message of empowering all abilities by introducing new visitors to possibilities realized at Turnstone.

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