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Gabby - It’s My Turn to Use My Voice

March 24th, 2020

Spending time with Diego on TV has inspired Gabby beyond entertainment purposes—it has sparked her own desire to be able to communicate with Spanish speakers and to someday travel the world, to meet people from all backgrounds.

Gabby started learning how to utilize her voice when she first came to Turnstone upon referral from her First Steps therapist at a young age. At Turnstone, she began working with physical, speech, and occupational therapists.

Then, when Gabby was in sixth grade she received her first Augmentative Alternative Communication device. Gabby’s mom shares that this gift opened Gabby’s world to possibilities and enhanced her quality of life. With her new device, Gabby was able to begin expanding her vocabulary and learning to express her feelings and emotions to others.

Gabby’s mom claims that receiving this device was life-changing, but what is even more beneficial for Gabby, is that no one at Turnstone has ever doubted her potential. She says, “Turnstone has given us hope more than anything, which is priceless.”

Gabby flourishes when she finds herself in one-on-one encounters. She loves people and enjoys making jokes, forming friendships, and learning other languages.

Today, because of donations to Turnstone, the therapists and social workers that see Gabby overflowing with possibilities, Gabby has been gifted the software to communicate in Spanish on her device. At school and in speech therapy, Gabby is refining these Spanish skills and also beginning to learn American Sign Language.

This knowledge is opening doors for Gabby for her to begin pursuing her interest in other cultures. One day, Gabby will be traveling the world, but today it’s Gabby’s Turn to use her voice. 

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