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First, I’m KC and I Like to Volunteer

March 17th, 2021

KC has been involved at Turnstone since a young age, receiving physical therapy and attending preschool. Today, he visits regularly to volunteer or ride a bike around the track. However, KC’s favorite thing about coming to Turnstone is being able to socialize with the friends he has made over the years. In school, KC was gifted an Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) device which equips him to communicate with everyone and continue building his reputation as a friend to all. He simply types his thoughts and the device distinctly reads his words aloud.

Spending time at Turnstone is just the beginning of activities KC loves. He is also invested in his community through a love for sports and passionately follows the Snider Football and Komet Hockey teams. In addition, KC rides horses every week as a form of recreational therapy. When the weather isn’t permissible for riding, he finds other ways to keep busy such as knitting.

KC is skilled in maintenance activities such as mowing, garage repairs, and recycling. He spends time volunteering and using these talents to help others. KC enjoys staying active and values serving his community. Read more about KC below.


Q: What have you learned about community this year?

A: It is important.


Q: Have you created community through activities such as riding horses?

A: Yes. I’ve done it for a long time.


Q: Why do you like going to ride horses?

A: Being on the horse helps me relax.


Q: Why do you like coming to Turnstone?

A: Because I went to preschool and physical therapy here.


Q: What strengths do you bring to your community?

A: Never give up.


Q: Why do you think it is important to be involved in the community?

A: Purpose. And I come [to Turnstone] to talk to the staff.


Q: How do you want to be known?

A: As a very good friend.


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