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First, I’m Clif and I’m a Rehabilitating Quadriplegic

March 8th, 2021

Clif has watched recent events spotlight the need for more integrated communities. He believes that we can create more cohesive communities by having conversations to better understand everyone’s unique experiences. That is why he wants to be known as an advocate for the needs of people with disabilities. Read more about Clif below.


Q: What have you learned about community this year?

A: The onset of the COVID pandemic caused our world to stop. It required us, as a community, to reassess who we are and how we were doing it. Everyone had unique needs that needed to be met and our community came together to help meet them.


Q: What do you think community looks like?

A: The events of this year have shown us the significance of community. Community needs to demonstrate that everyone is equal, everyone matters, and we will all need help at some point in time from another.


Q: What does community mean to you?

A: There is a golden thread that binds all of us together to form our community. Community is the air that we all breathe. So we must find ways to co-exist within our community. It is our duty to work to improve every aspect of our community.


Q: What strengths do you bring to your community?

A: My commitment to recognizing the unique needs of those with all types of disabilities. I recognize the need and I am committed to promoting attention to these needs so that they are addressed, which will make us a better, more cohesive, more livable community.


Q: How do you want to be known in the community?

A: I want to be known as a man of integrity, that has a moral compass, and fights for those with disabilities.


Q: How do you think we can make stronger communities?

A: Inclusion is the key to building our best community. Every individual, every ethnic group, every race, every human being must feel like they are a significant contributor to our community. If there is a segment that is not included within the community, it will eventually cause a community to become sick. The community has to include all of the factions of people of different types. Everyone has to be included, recognized, and respected.


Q: How do you think we can begin to make more inclusive communities?

A: Talk. Communicate with one another. Let me know who you are. Let’s have an open conversation. If you understand my trouble, my path, and the things that I have gone through, you will begin to understand how and why I act in the manner in which I do. Everyone has to be able to tell their story. You need to know what the other person’s experiences are so you can have empathy and understanding.


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