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Faces of Turnstone - Casey

May 27th, 2021

“Faces of Turnstone” is an opportunity to learn more about the programs and services available at Turnstone, and the people who are passionate about them. Get to know the Turnstone staff and their insight and experience.

We’d like to first introduce Turnstone’s most recent service addition, counseling, and the face behind it, Casey, LCSW. Casey shares the benefits of counseling and why it is an important service to offer at Turnstone. 


Q: What led you to Turnstone?

A: I’ve always valued seeing people for their abilities and have had Turnstone on my radar since my mom told me about it as a little girl. The program director for my internship suggested Turnstone and I was eager to join the Turnstone family. Then a few years after completing an internship with Turnstone, the Director of Social Services called me and invited me back for this position.


Q: What is your educational background?

A: I went to Purdue Fort Wayne and got a B.S. in Human Services, with a minor in Speech and Spanish. Once I started working, a lot of people told me I would make a great counselor and should consider going back to school for my masters. I applied having no idea that it would become a reality. I got my Master’s Degree from IU School of Social Work and am now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Q: Why is it important for counseling to be available at Turnstone?

A: Counseling is an additional resource available at Turnstone. It is important to have accessibility to counseling that coordinates with all of our other services. So often, parents and caregivers don’t have the time to care for their own mental health when they are caring for someone with extra needs. It’s a strong suit of Turnstone that there are so many services in one place. For example, someone can utilize counseling while their family member receives another service.


Q: Who should utilize counseling services?

A: Everybody. Everyone goes through hardships, everyone needs someone.

I hope that when people come to counseling at Turnstone they see me as an open-minded, welcoming person that is here for them. And that counseling is really their time to share about their life without worrying about anything else.


Q: Who are professional counselors?

A: The text book answer is professional counselors are people who come alongside people to empower them to meet their personal goals in all areas of their lives.  My personal answer is they are people who genuinely care about others’ wellbeing and want to help give them the tools they need to help themselves.


Q: Why are you passionate about counseling?

A: I am passionate about counseling because I genuinely care about people.  I don’t want a person to feel alone. I want them to know that I am here to sit with them wherever they are in their life and will actively listen to them. I love trying to understand perspectives that are different than my own and having connection with others.


Q: How did this service begin at Turnstone?

A: During my internship with Turnstone, the social workers noticed that counseling was a need for families and asked if I would begin offering support as a student. We began offering the service for free and received a lot of great feedback. So then, Turnstone began the process of creating a certified service to be available to clients.


Q: What does a counseling appointment at Turnstone look like?

A: We offer counseling for anyone. Appointments can take place virtually or in person, on your own or with your family. If you’re interested in counseling, call our social work department and they will get you scheduled as soon as possible. The counseling sessions are 45-50 minutes, and it is time dedicated to talking all about that person. The client can choose how frequently they come, whatever they feel they need.


Q: What did you learn about yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: I learned that I am better at handling stress than I thought. During the pandemic, I was pregnant and went through several big life changes. I would’ve considered myself vigilant but I somehow managed to just flow through the experience. I guess I may be laid back about more, I was able to do a better job letting those stressors go than I had in the past. Experiencing a really stressful situation allowed me to learn how to cope with it.


Q: What are some words of wisdom you try to live by?

A: Comparison is the death of joy.

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