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Anna Ford: It Couldn’t Be Done Without… Volunteers

November 22nd, 2021

When the childcare facility that she had been volunteering with closed, Anna decided that wasn’t the end of the road for her. So, she pursued her desire to work with kids by joining the Turnstone Family as a volunteer at Turnstone’s Kimbrough Early Learning Center (KELC). Anna is quickly approaching a major anniversary that is worth celebrating: 2022 will mark 10 years of her being a Turnstone Volunteer.

In the KELC program, Anna has had the opportunity to help kids reach milestones and witness them discover possibilities. Because Anna has been able to spend time with kids who have varying abilities, she has learned that there is always more than one solution to a problem. Because KELC is an inclusive childcare environment, Anna is able to see each child’s unique challenges and strengths while encouraging them to try new things.   

“I love being a part of the children’s lives and stories. I love being a small part in helping them reach their goals,” says Anna.

Anna typically spends two hours once a week with the KELC children. During that time she plays with the kids, prepares their snacks, reads to them, and supports the classroom staff in conducting other activities. The KELC team appreciates her constant enthusiasm and acknowledges that she is such a big helping hand.

“Anna is a delight to have around. She is super dedicated and always happy to help us out however she can,” says Adrianne Lyon, the Director of the Kimbrough Early Learning Center.

Without Turnstone, Anna is not sure she would have pursued the same opportunities or gained the outlook she has today.

“Turnstone is a place where you can learn new things about yourself,” said Anna.

Because of her time spent at Turnstone, Anna was inspired to go to college and earn a Technical Certificate in Early Childhood Education. In fact, she even completed her internship for her professional certification at Turnstone. She knew she was good with kids, but had not yet decided to pursue her degree until after she started as a Turnstone volunteer.

We couldn’t do it without volunteers like Anna whose donation of time and passion for Turnstone’s KELC kids help them grow and play, all while learning how to value their peers and all people with all abilities.

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