Turnstone's Paralympic Program

Turnstone is one of only ten Gold Level Paralympic Sports Clubs in the United States.  This designation means that Turnstone provides outstanding support for athletes seeking to compete at the elite Paralympic level, including:

  • Offering an array of sports and multiple opportunities for participation
  • Providing regional or national competition opportunities
  • Providing programs that allow athletes to develop from beginner to elite
  • Identifying, recruiting, and tracking emerging athletes
  • Providing professional development opportunities for coaches and staff to attain certification
  • Recruiting and mentoring coaching staff
  • Developing and implementing a high performance team
  • Empowering athletes to obtain grants and sponsorships

Paralympic Sports at Turnstone


The USA Men's Paralympic Goalball Team has trained at Turnstone since October 2015.  Currently there are two houses owned by United States Association of Blind Athletes on the Turnstone campus. In 2016 the men's team went to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janerio and won a Silver Medal and the women's team won a Bronze Medal!